What is here

Writings on a variety of subjects. The Topics page lists some of the projects I've worked on or subjects I'm especially interested in showing. However, not every post has a topic. I have tried to keep the focus of the topics small; I do not mean them to be generic tags, but as a way to keep the posts on a subject together, even when the work is well spread out in time.

The date archive shows all posts in a list, by date of course.

While some photos may be integrated with the posts, they can all be found in the Photo Gallery as well.

About the Author

Unless otherwise indicated, everything that's written on this site, and all the photographs shown, comes from me, Michael Winterstein. I am also responsible for the site design itself. I claim three net wins.

Contacting me.

Most sensible versions of my name can be used as e-mail sent to this site. Actually almost all e-mail sent to the site will reach me, but it'll be looked at sooner if the address makes more sense than not.

How the site is put together

The site is built with Jekyll. Jekyll is a static site generator that simply takes the posts I write and generates the proper index, links, etc. according to simple templates. It also allows for custom plug-ins written in Ruby; I use a handful of my own to help me out.

All the posts are written using Textile for markup. Some pages, like this one for example, are pure HTML (aside from using a Jekyll template). Jekyll produces static HTML, which is what everything outside the photo gallery is.