Sky is our limit, BRO

May 8, 2008

Sorry that it’s been three weeks before an update, but I’ve been without a connection until now. If the power and the internet stay connected I should be able to update more often from now.

Sikkim is beautiful and incredibly green. The hills around are lovely but the Himalaya have stayed hidden in the clouds. Except for a brief moment just after sunrise, when I suddenly saw a large white-grey object sitting on top of a hill to the north, and realized it was a mountain. Not Kanchenjunga, but part of the same ridge. If I’m lucky it will really clear up after one of these thunderstorms and I’ll see both of them. At night it is sometimes clear enough to see all the villages around – Namthang commands a remarkable view of almost half of Sikkim and into Tibet and Bhutan when it’s clear.