Only two weeks left.

June 2, 2008

Right now I’m still feeling sick in my stomach, so there are a few things I’ll be happy to leave in a few weeks. While the food has overall been good, when I’ve felt sick nothing they prepare is appealing. A cucumber, butter and fruit jam sandwich was actually one of the more palatable things I had in the last few days, if only because it didn’t seem to hurt my stomach.
But for the most part I’m going to be missing this place when I leave. I went to the Police Superintendent for my last permit renewal and realize that in about two and half weeks I’ll be gone. Just two days shy of summer break (read: monsoon break) for the kids so I’m here at pretty much the right time.
I wish I could have updated this a bit more often, but with the power often out it was admitted to me that trying to use the local connection was more than likely to be a losing proposition (it’s about a mile walk — half on a dirt road, and the risk of heavy rain makes it not a walk people want to make often).
I only recently realized I ought to have written some posts on the local computers and transferred them when I get here so I don’t need to spend as much time; if I get one more shot at internet access I’ll be doing just that.