SICP 1.1.6 Exercises

July 5, 2012 19:10

The first section of the book to include exercises is 1.1.6. The very first ones, although I have included them, are probably better to enter in on your own separately, in order to see what your Scheme interpreter gives as a response. The later ones get into actually writing a few short procedures.

In this section you can see my first use of the <?procedure-name?> for procedures you define yourself. That’s not a valid procedure name; simply substitute whatever you decide to call your own procedure in there. My calling conventions (i.e. number of arguments) are hopefully sensible enough. Don’t feel bound by them, though; it’s entirely possible that there’s another way to do it. Maybe not for these exercises in particular, but at some point I’m sure there’s an approach that doesn’t fit the way I did it.

Exercises 1.1.6