These are short discussions of, or introductions to, some great movies. While I do get into what I like or disliked about the film, these are not intended to be reviews or analysis as such. They are to encourage you to watch these top-quality or classic movies, and find the ones that might appeal to you. My aim is that the description is a helpful guide to choosing something you haven’t seen yet, so normally I try to avoid giving away too much. I do not rate the films – instead, at the end of each post, I give a short “Reasons to Watch” to highlight what’s best in the movie, along with “Warnings” which might tell what could detract from the experience.

The movies I discuss are taken from a list titled “200 Great Films”. I printed this out long ago and I am not sure if it is still available on the internet (except possibly in the Internet Archive). I do know it was compiled by Wendall Wagner of the D.C. Film Society. It is, as he describes it, an attempt to make the “least idiosyncratic” list of films. It was compiled by examination of many other lists in order to mix both critical and popular selections. It is not completely without what I’d consider quirks, but it doesn’t claim to be perfect. It does provide a broad selection of the films that are well-liked by a good number of people.

I should point out that it appears to stop at around some time in the mid-1990s. So despite some very good films made in the last two decades, none of them will appear (until I either finish the list or decide to add ones of my choosing).