Gap - Penitencia Creek to Coyote Creek

September 2, 2013 9:14

The previous section ends close to the actual Coyote Creek, so finding the path is a matter of trying to stay close to it while traveling to the point where the Coyote Creek Trail begins. Penitencia Creek flows under King and then drains into Coyote Creek just south of Berryessa Road, but there is no trail that follows it. The eventual BART BART means Bay Area Rapid Transit this time station will allow access to some of it along Berryessa Road, but for heading upstream it’s better to head back down King and cross the freeway (101) at Mabury. This may be the only freeway overpass where the pedestrian/bicycle lane is wider than the car lane.

Just over the freeway and to the south is Watson Park. While the trail will eventually be more established, from here city streets need to be followed. 17th is the most direct for most of this section, but bicylists need to make sure not to go the wrong way on the one-way sections of it (or on any of the parallel one-way streets). Except for some places around the creek, the streets are in a grid pattern and it is not hard to find a route.

Williams Street Park begins naturally enough at Williams Street and is bordered approximately by 16th St and 19th St. Those who enter at 16th and Williams can cross a bridge inside the park to the eastern side of Coyote Creek. Williams Street Park does have a section of the trail already built in the park. An unpaved section runs along the creek under the freeway (280) to Story Road. There is a gate on one end and a fence on the other, so it’s not clear how far along this public access is allowed. If not using this trail, 280 can be crossed at 11th St (or 10th on a bicycle).

At Story there is the large Kelley Park. After crossing the Bent Bridge there are many routes through the park. At the south end another dirt section runs creekside before finally splitting off from the creek. There are visible paths that continue into the trees, none of those can connect through as this section would eventually hit private property. A street can be followed for a bit that is in sight of the creek’s route, but eventually it still leads out to Senter Road. Senter runs south to Tully, at which point the start of the next section is a half-mile away. An alternate route would be to skip Kelley Park on the east side, and head south on Lucretia from Story. At Summerisle Drive you can walk in and get close to the creek until it crosses Tully.