Gap - Coyote Creek to Santa Teresa

September 4, 2013 08:52

The middle of the Coyote Creek trail is one of the splits on the trail. From here, there is a large spur to the south that loops all the way to Gilroy before rejoining the trail only a short distance away on another ridge. The route that more directly connects the trail breaks off here toward the west.

The distance to cover from Metcalf Lake is only a few miles, and Coyote Peak seems close enough to touch from here. The main obstacle in getting to it is the Monterey Highway that runs right along the lake, or rather the train tracks that run parallel to it. There are only a few crossing points, making it less than straightforward to navigate safely into the next part of the trail.

The closest and most direct connection is Bernal Road. Silicon Valley Blvd is an extension of this road, although to get to Bernal you don’t need to go all the way back to where the trail intersects it. It crosses over just north of Metcalf Park. This is a fairly large overpass with sidewalks. While there isn’t often much traffic, caution is needed as the cars may be moving much faster than on typical city streets. Once the train tracks are crossed, Bernal Road leads directly into the park, about in the middle of the BART section.

The other option is to cross at Bailey Avenue. This is a little over two miles farther south (the Coyote Treek trail can continue to be followed until Bailey). Once past the tracks the road heads east over a hill. It’s not a particularly wide road and not recommended for hikers. As for bikers, visibility is generally good and cars should not have a hard time noticing you (or you them), but it is still narrow and steep. Once over the hill, Bailey connects with McKean Road and edges on Calero County Park, which on this side is close to the reservoir.

There is a road that runs up right to where the BART begins in the park, but the map indicates “No Public Access” here, so it may not be legal to enter from that direction. Instead, you can follow McKean Road to Fortini Road, which leads to another entrance on the south side of the park.